The Bible Core Course (BCC) is your oportunity to get to know more in depth the Bible as the word of God so your life may be transformed. Invest three months in a unique environment to read through the whole Bible and to study various books of the Old and New Testament.

Studying the Bible with the Inductive Method

The Bible Core Course will not impart theology telling you what you shall believe. The principle is that the Bible is self-explainable. Instead of handig you out prefab doctrine this course operates the opposite way: we read what is written in the Bible, we study the historical, cultural and textual context, we figure out, led by the Holy Spirit, what message the text was transmitting to the original readers and we apply the truths which we found in our personal lives.

Highlights of the Inductive method:

  • You spend time with God´s word; it is the Holy Spirit teaching you
  • You learn to put aside subjective predjudices and to read Scripture as if it would be the first time
  • You learn to interpret the Bible in its historical context
  • You learn to apply the priciples in your personal life that God has shown to you through Scripture
  • You learn to proclaim God´s truth

Goals of the Bible Core Course

  • To get to know God more and His word
  • To equip you with the tools of the Inductive method and to get to know different literary genres
  • To study God´s word and to encourage you to keep doing it the rest of your life
  • To learn to read, to interpret and to apply the Bible in creative ways
  • To learn to meditate on God´s word and to include it effectivly in worship, intercession and evangelism
  • To make God´s word known through teaching, preaching and bible study groups.

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