„Way of Life” DTS

10 months with God, with the Bible and cool young people - become strong in God, discover the Way of Life!

The Way of Life DTS combines extended discipleship with the study of God’s Word. Within the course of 10 month we will have 12 deep and inspiring DTS lecture weeks, multiple short-term outreaches into the region and one long-term outreach abroad. Further, we will read through and study the whole Bible, from cover to cover. No matter if you are coming with a deep understanding of the Bible or have hardly touched it so far, our group readings and discussions will benefit you and strengthen your faith.
Additionally, you will be assigned an area of responsibility. You will have the chance to apply what you are learning right away. In this learning environment, you will grow in maturity, grow in responsibility, and grow in your character. From the very beginning, you will make a difference!

Together we will follow Jesus Christ, to become strong in faith, strong in character and strong in life!

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The next "Way of Life" DTS starts September 2022.


E-Mail: dts@jmem-hainichen.de

Phone/WhatsApp: +49 1520 310 40 20

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